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all day

looking to add some pops of color?

White ink designs are the perfect way to integrate color uniquely and creatively!

Full service design + print

Offering luxury print, paper, and fabrication techniques that bring your vision to life: 

flat digital, giclee, white ink printing, letterpress, embossing, foil, die-cutting, edge-painting, fabric signage and accesories

finishing touches

All those extra special details: 

custom wax seals, ribbon, handmade paper, and curated vintage postage that reflects your history.

assembly + Mailing 

Looking for a totally hands-off experience? You don't even have to stuff a single envelope!

services offered

custom design + event branding 

Reflecting your personal story in all aspects of your stationery, weekend-of goods, signage, and more!

pillowy letterpress details make a big impression 

all the texture

Letterpress is a traditional printing technique, dating back to the mid-15th century.

While Gutenberg is credited with its Western development, movable type was first invented in 1040 China with porcelain materials.

all in the details

love wildlife, jazz, or 1970's dance theater?

Sunago Studio caters to the unique interests that help to tell your story.


Elevate your stationery narrative through curated vintage postage, wax seals, and tailored ribbon or embellishment choices.

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