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behind the name

Sunago (pronounced: soon-AH-go) is an ancient Greek verb [συνάγω] that means "to bring together; gather together; collect; convene."

That's the mission here: to create custom, intentional, and perfectly unique pieces that bring you and your loved ones closer together.

the vision

Sunago Studio is a one-woman show,

owned and operated by me (Tara) - but

not without the love and encouragement of

my husband and our precious cat, Sadie.

I am trained in both art history and studio art,

and love to incorporate historical

and cultural elements into my designs.


From start to finish, from design to print,

I help to take your vision, story, and history,

and create something that's uniquely yours.

Let's have some fun!

interested in working together?

If you're interested in working together

and would like to receive a price estimate for your project, please email me at

Sunago Studio is here to represent and celebrate love and community in all of its forms. 

We never discriminate on the basis of gender, gender expression, race, religion, or sexual orientation.



inclusivity always
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